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Pop In Home Visit


For your dogs and puppies, cats, small pets, etc. A 20-30 minute visit to play, let-out, feed, etc.

In addition (and subject to availability) we also offer home visits, to feed cats or other small animals and to let pets in or out, cleaning of litter trays, cages, feeding bowls and replenishing water supplies etc., plus lots of fuss and attention to your pets as if you were with them.


Whether you just want to enjoy a day out with the family or go on holiday we will come into your home and care for all of your pets and keep to their daily routines.

We can secure your home and carry out light duties such as pulling on curtains, watering plants etc.

30 Minute Pop In Visit.        one visit per day   From  £5.00 per visit    £35.00 per week

30 Minute Pop In Visit.        Two visit per day   From  £5.00 per visit    £50.00 per week

60 Minute Pop In Visit                                          From  £10 per visit       £50 per week.
Call or text, great when you're stuck in a meeting.                                                          










For regular clients at those times when you find yourself stuck in a meeting, traffic or any other unexpected or emergency situation we will let-out or walk and feed him/her if required.

You can simply just send a text! (Always helpful when you are in a meeting!)








Other Animals

All the pictures on this page are off peoples pets that we have looked after while away on holiday


Recently we are getting more enquiries about feeding their ducks, chickens, sheep & pigs while they go away, that's no problem.

For a half hour visit its will cost £7.50 if you local, and £37.50 for a full week.

if you are 10 miles or more away then its a little extra

We have also done horses, ponys, donkeys and alpacas




If there are any other services you require but which are not listed, please contact us to see if we can help


All the above prices are inclusive of VAT.

We guarantee that there are no hidden extras.
We do not charge registration or membership fees.
A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed in advance to 
cancel any appointments or the full amount will be payable.
All prices shown are subject to change.






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