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love our pets

it is said that we are a nation of animal lovers but every day we see things to challenge this belief. However, with our clients we see just how much their pets mean to them. Its not just while they are alive but we often see decorative boxes containing the ashes of loved pets complete with photos name tags etc. It is lovely to see how many people never ever forget pets.

After Christmas we usually find our dogs to walk all have new collars leads harness's coats and treats for after walks! Even smaller creatures have new bowls toys etc. There is no doubt like our own dog the pets certainly have a good life!

In the sense of rescue dogs we do have some dogs that need that little bit of extra care from us. we never give up on a dog to walk if we can possibly help it. It is lovely that so many homeless pets are given homes. it does help if the client can tell us a bit of detail of a rescue dogs history if none such as doesnt get on with males or females; doesnt get on with other dogs etc. We take great pride in the fact that we do one to one (or however many dogs are in the household) rather than groups so the dogs can get as much individual care and attention that they need. Group walking is fine but doesnt always suit all dogs. It does mean we are often walking dogs for 8 hours or more a day but it is great satisfaction to us that the dog has had an enjoyable time and will look forward to coming out with us again. sometimes it takes a while to build up trust and takes much patience to coax a dog to walk happily but seeing a tail wag can mean the world to us.

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