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Pet & Home Sitting


Dog / Pet / HouseSitting


  • Going away on holiday or business?

  • Have tickets for that big event?

  • Going to dog shows? Need a dog sitter for your other dogs and animals?

  • Who will feed, walk and love your dogs as you do?

  • Worried about your elderly dog and medication?

Going away and leaving your home is hard and can be stressful for both you and your dogs. Having a dog sitting service enables your dogs to stay at home and continue with their familiar routine –

I will love your dog, give them the affection and stimulation they need, with lots of walks and company the whole time.

Whether you have large dogs or small dogs, pet dogs or working dogs (or somewhere in between)

I will:

    • Care for them all at your home whether they sleep on your bed,
    • in the kitchen or in a kennel
    • Continue their normal routine
    • Follow their daily routine in their own surroundings
    • Feed them their usual food at the usual times
    • Administer any medication or special diets as required
    • Continue with any puppy training and take them to their classes when necessary
    • Provide security for your home by “being there” with your dogs nearly 24 hours a day

Your dogs will be exercised exactly to your specification and have the exercise you want them to have, in the places you want them to go. Whether they need lots of exercise or are on restricted exercise due to age or ill health your dog sitter will follow your instructions.

An Animal Aunt will care for ALL the other pets / animals you have while house sitting your home – keeping it tidy, watering your plants, keeping the garden ticking over and handling any emergencies quickly and professionally. Because they are there nearly all of the time they also considerably enhance the security of your home.


Prices from £25 per










We can now offer a limited number of places for day sitting ideal if your pet does  not being left alone and ideal for long days out without worrying.

We can do this if you are visiting Tenbury Wells for a holiday or local area. Just contact us before hand with your requirements. Ideal as many self catering properties specify do not leave pets alone in properties leaving you to enjoy the wonderful areas around here and no worries if dogs are allowed or not.


Will also look after any other pets you may have

We also do Home Visits

30 Minute Pop In Visit                                                                                    From   £7

Call or text, great when you're stuck in a meeting.                                                          

For  clients at those times when you find yourself stuck in a meeting, traffic  or want to go away for the day or weekend or even longeg or any other unexpected or emergency situation we will let-out or walk and feed him/her if required.

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And dont forget I am fully insured, hold a Pet First Aid certificate all certificates are available for viewing

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