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Not Just dogs!

when you start a business you have to decide what elements to include in it. For me after walking a neighbor's dog I realised that there was a market for dog walkers in my area; not just for people working but people who were ill or recovering from operations; leading busy lives; one off occasions such as funerals weddings etc. From that evolved house sitting which for many people covers several needs; there is no change in a dogs routine he or she is home with familiar surroundings plus you get someone to put out bins pick up post etc plus of course keep your home secure. From that I found that there was a big need for people to pop in to feed cats clean out their litter boxes and I have almost as many cats on my books as dogs now! After that I added rabbits onto my books after inquiries whom i have cared for several times and now I have a wide variety of animals that i care for on various occasions. I am always willing to discuss any animal and their day or holiday requirements. The last week i have been feeding a flock of 20 sheep which is a hobby of a client of mine plus their two cats! Next week I have budgies and a parrot to take care of plus some chickens which I have done before. Horses I have also dealt with cleaning and feeding so really size and breed is not an object! Whether snake or Saluki; Guinea pig or gerbil; Parrot or pot bellied pig I am quite sure that I can help you have an hour a day or more away from home!

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